Fat Bottom Babies

Fat Bottom Babies


Hi there! A little bit about me, I hate talking about me, but here is a shot! I am a 28 year old mom of 1 in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. My eco-lifestyle has been my whole life, for my whole life! I love to play outside and once I had a pet tree, his name was Steve. For 9 years I practiced holistic therapy and relaxation pregnancy massage.

When my husband and I got married, we knew for years before that we wanted children. We just did not expect to have our little boy so quickly! I never liked the thought of disposable diapers and I always thought that they had a hair curling, nasty smell, so, cloth diapering was a very easy choice for us.

I put a lot of heart into the products that I make. I have sent out many quality assurance rounds and testers, over $300.00 in diapers alone; So that I can give you a diaper that will last and be a product that you love. Every diaper is  cut, snapped, layered, sewn and packaged, with every moment of production being about you and what is going to make you happy.

I have a stocking day once a month but customs are welcome any time!


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