Fat Bottom Babies Diapers

Fat Bottom Babies Diapers are beautiful hand made creations for your adorable little booger monster. FBB is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

FBB has many other diaper brands available like Bumkins, Kawaii Bamboo, and Sunbaby Diapers! SHOP WITH A LOCAL WAHM!


If you are looking for a cloth diaper safe laundry detergent, FBB Detergent is available too!


Fat Bottom Babies Detergent is 100% cloth diaper safe. Many mamas, a lot who are local to the Tulsa area, LOVE this detergent. Just ask around!

  • NO Soap!
  • NO Borax!
  • NO Oxy!
  • NO Enzymes!
  • NO Dyes!
  • NO Softeners!
  • NO Phosphates!

Got diaper rash? No Problem! Fat Bottom Babies Bottom Soother is the answer!


Made with natural ingredients, cloth diaper safe, helps all kind of rashes. From diaper rash to dry skin and chapped lips.

Visit Fat Bottom Babies!  Like FBB on facebook!


If you LOVE Fat Bottom Babies, share this post and comment below! FBB loves you too, and your feedback helps create specials, sales and other new FBB products. Take a look at one of the new Valentines Day diapers that one lucky mama got from FBB!



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