Cloth Diaper safe Diaper Cream

When my son has a red-ish bottom, I want a solution that is quick, easy and works fast. Nobody wants their baby to have a diaper rash or redness of any kind. Imagine that on you! I know I would probably cry.
Cloth diapers need a cloth diaper safe diaper cream. Not any old cream will work, because it will make your diapers repel and need a good stripping to work again. That is time, naps and fun taken away from me if I have to strip my dipes. Do. Not. Want.

There are a lot of creams available for you to choose from, I really love FatBottomBabies – Bottom Soother. Of course I do! I know what goes into Bottom Soother.. nothing but 100% natural goodness, straight from the heart and the earth, with healing powers that conquers, astounds and mystifies!! Stopping redness and rash in one simple step, yay!

Booty Soother is 4oz of awesome for $6.00 shipped.



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